Thursday, November 6, 2008

"There is homophobia in every corner and pocket of this world, but at the core

... you just love someone and want to make mix tapes for them" -Sara Quin

Trying to explain how I feel about the passing of Amendment 2 is painful. It makes me think about the extreme hate for those that aren't like the majority of Americans, and how people are so scared of anything different than them. Since there are so many laws that ban marriage for gays in Florida already, this was just a hateful and ignorant Amendment meant to demoralize the gay rights movement. Not to mention what it does to straight couples that simply chose not to get married, and senior citizens that chose to be in civil unions so that they can collect benefits from their dearly departed spouses.

They seem so very scared of us.
I look into the mirror,
For evil that just does not exist.
I don't see what they see.
Try to control the pull of one magnet to another.

Some people say that it's a small set back, that gay marriage will eventually be legal. Eventually is not good enough for me. In the fight for civil rights, in the fight for equality for all, it seems that gays are simply left out. Of course there is a large movement for equality but its obviously not close to big enough. I know I'm not helping nearly enough but I hope that even my small contributions will help the movement. With the props passed in Arizona and California I found it hard to believe in the 'hope' and 'change' that so many people feel right now.Californians, Floridians, and Arizona voters passed amendments banning gay marriages and voters in Arkansas disallowed couples that aren't married from adopting children, or even from being foster parents. Although last night was a large step forward to ending some discrimination with a black president, it was three major steps backwards for gay rights.

This week Brooke Smith got fired from Grey's...Really ABC, really? Apparently her story line wasn't being received well. Imagine that, a lesbian story line not being received well. A show that has interracial dating and claims to be colorblind doesn't seem to be blind to homosexuality. Did it cause a ratings drop? With the amount of lesbians simply watching for that storyline and the hardcore fans that have no problem with straight doctors hopping from bed to bed, I think the ratings were doing just fine. If they were dropping, maybe we could get some fresh writing on the how rather than dropping one of the best actresses on the show. At least we have Liz Lemon and her bi curious shoes on 30 Rock. Remember, visibility matters. Until homosexuality is considered mainstream and exhibited as 'normal' in the media many Americans will never accept gay people simply trying to live their lives with the rights of people who simply were born loving those of the opposite sex.