Sunday, January 13, 2008

Top 18 Albums of 2007

18. The Bird and the Bee- The Bird and the Bee
With sick beats, Inara's soaring vocals, and the cover of a Peaches song I have listened to this album "Again and Again" and have yet to tire of it.

17. Taken By Trees- Open Field

16. Feist- The Reminder
Ohhh Leslie, not only are you a cute lil indiechick that rocks in Broken Social Scene, your debut to the masses in a great iPod commercial allowed the world to see your talent. Although the song is def not one of your best, it is bundles of fun and that's what a good pop song should be. Much like they remixed Let it Die into Open Season, I hope that The Reminder gets remixed into something new.

15. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss- Raising Sand
King of dark rock plus the Queen of bluegrass. And it works.

14. Kanye West- Graduation
Kanye took a little Daft Punk, threw in some Chris Martin and made a decent CD. A decent CD for Kanye is a great CD for anyone else, and if I could get his hooks out of my head I'm sure I'd find something to critisize. He's just plain good.

13. Radiohead- In Rainbows
Put on a good pair of headphones and melt into this album. All the critics def did and loved it.

12. Missy Higgins- On a Clear Night
Besides her cute accent, she's got talent. Strong lyrics, nice guitar, just good stuff. Good stuff Missy.

11. Amy Winehouse- Back to Black
I love this album. For the samples, for her slightly slurred words, for her strong voice, for the feeling behind the lyrics. I'm not a huge fan of her constant referances to her loser husband in what could be stellar lyrics. Whatevs tho, I'm Team Winehouse in all situations.

10. Uh Huh Her- I See Red
Honestly I wanted to love this EP (I guess it technically shouldn't be on this list since it's not an entire album, should it?). However, I didn't. I loved Leisha, I loved the song Explode, and I hated the rest. Until it grew on me like some electro-synth-chickrock-bacteria and I couldn't stop listening. I See Red is an amazing EP and I hope their new stuff will rock just as hard.

9. Metric- Grow Up and Blow Away

8. Lucinda Williams- West
It feels wrong to call her country. Lucinda Williams is an innovative writer with a smoky voice, and her music is better than the stuff out on country radio. She's what country was supposed to be, and was for a while until it turned into NASCAR love and bullshit songs focused on peeling off ticks and drinking. Fortunately, no one told Lucinda Williams about this change and she continues to rock.

7. Rilo Kiley- Under the Blacklight
Dear Rilo Kiley fans- shut up. This is a good album overall. It's fun. Yeah, it might be the Jenny Lewis show, but she's talented enough to pull off playing the guitar, bass, keyboard, cowbell, and being the lead singer. While wearing hot pants. Of course the band is going to revolve around her. No, this is not the Rilo of the past with meandering folky songs, but if bands stay stagnant they suffocate. Besides "Silver Lining" makes any of the album's mistakes totes worth it. The song rocks. Quite frankly, so does the album, no matter what the "fans" say.

6. Talib Kweli- Eardrum
Great collaborations, hot beats, intelligent rapping. Talib Kweli might be overtaking Mos Def as my favorite rapper. I mean, putting Norah Jones on a track? Sick stuff. "Used to use the club to hit and drag her by the hair/Still use the club to get her a martini or a beer/Try to get her home and put the smell of sex in the air".

5. Norah Jones- Not too Late
Speaking of Norah Jones- she wrote every song on this album. It was the first album I bought last year, and throughout the year I felt myself coming back to it over and over. I love her voice. Love.

4. Band of Horses- Cease to Begin
Nice, distinctive sound. "Is there a Ghost" is constantly in my head.

3. Kate Nash- Made of Bricks
"Nicest Thing" is the perfect unrequited love song. Perfect. "Foundations" is hilarious, along with "Skeleton" and "Mouthwash". I feel like this is just the beginning for Kate. Regina Spektor stylings with a British accent, what could be better?

2. Stars- In Our Bedroom After the War
Dramatic yet beautiful. If 'Personal" doesn't get to you, I don't know what will.

1. Tegan and Sara- The Con
I love Tegan and Sara. I love to watch them play music, I love to listen to them play, I think they are brilliant. Tegan's songs off the record are my favorite. I could listen to 'Nineteen' every day for the rest of my life and not get sick of it. The title track is another amazing Tegan hit. Sara really got it right with 'Like O, Like H'. Sugar, I'll spell this out, 'The Con' is the top album of the year in every way, shape, and form.